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SNEAKS is the heartwarming and comedic adventure of a misguided sneaker who doesn’t really know how to live life to the fullest. Amongst the skyscrapers and avenues of New York City, BUD, a one of a kind designer sneak, finds himself abandoned and alone on the wrong side of town. While desperately attempting to get back to his “solemate,” his brother MAX, Bud meets all kinds of incredible sneaks from all walks of life who help him find the courage to step outside of his shoe box. In the adventure of a lifetime, Bud has to learn how to walk before he can run, and walking isn’t easy when you’re only one shoe in a big city full of them.


Produced by 

Lengi Studios


Gil Cloyd
Leonard Hartman


Executive Producer

Robyn Klein

Production Designer

Kevin Conran

Character Designer

Ricky Nierva

Creative Consultants

Teddy & Stacey Newton


Erica Harrell & Desirée Proctor

Harland Williams


Creative Director

Keith Richner


VFX Supervisor

Steve Hubbard


Visual Development

Steve Hubbard

Keith Richner

Brandon Ball

Ryan Evans

Fernando Utreras

Allie Vanaman

Judah Lancaster 

Bethany Haggy

Madison Carreiro